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Tales from the trumpet section - chapter one

From Mike Evans:

Every seasoned musician will tell you that it doesn't take long before a touring musician begins to experience some, shall we say, "unique" experiences.  I plan to share, periodically, some of my "unique" experiences.

As a member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra, we traveled constantly, and all over the world.  The travel exposed me to regions and cultures that I treasure.  But, every so often, I would become home sick and long for something that reminded me of home.

Early one morning, after spending several weeks touring Japan, I wanted pastry for breakfast. I told my room mate that I would return shortly and headed out to the din of early morning Japanese traffic.  I walked several blocks, hopelessly looking for breakfast food.  Fortunately, restaurants and shops had plastic displays of their menu offerings in a case outside of the front door.  Little white cards explained the name of the dish (in Japanese, so of no help to me) and its cost in yen (¥).  

After a bit I finally found a pastry shop, and in the display contained my favorite pastry, the creme filled bismark.  Well, the little plastic replica looked like it.  So, in I go and get four to go, two for me, and two for my room mate. Once arriving back at the hotel I entered my room exclaiming that I had pastries. We each grabbed a bismark from the bag, smiles and eagerly bit into the heavenly, creme filled delights.  After about one chew, we each looked at other with wide open eyes and spit out our delectable breakfast.  Much to our dismay,   They weren't filled with bavarian creme, but rather were stuffed with cold, English Peas.  ENGLISH PEAS! Yuck. Just proves that you can't judge a book by its cover, or a bismark either!

But, my Swedish pizza encounter was even more bizarre, but that is another tale.