VanPort Jazz

Big Band Jazz


I'm always amazed by the number of people I meet who have been musicians in the past and keep wishing they could get back into it. Yesterday I participated in a KGW video shoot promoting the upcoming Pearson Air Museum Hanger Dance, and I met the camera guy whose name was Ken McCormick. Turns out Ken is also a jazz trombonist and played in big bands in the past. His schedule doesn't currently allow him to get back into it, but the conversation got me to thinking about how many people I meet like him. People that played in high school or college or even since then, and might be looking for an opportunity to pick up the horn (or whatever) again and be part of a great band. Maybe you're retired and looking for a hobby, maybe you're a music educator and are looking for a performance opportunity. Or maybe you just need to PLAY.

If that describes you, and you have some experience at this style of music, let us know. We are always looking for good players who want to be part of a friendly fun group.