VanPort Jazz

Big Band Jazz

Not From Portland

One of the comments I receive quite frequently from our listeners is how “tight” the band sounds. It is wonderful to have the work recognized. Every member of the ensemble performs either semi-professionally or professionally. The dedication given by each individual makes it an enriching experience. I remember this past summer when our ensemble performed at the Portland5 Noontime concert series in downtown Portland. A gentleman came up to me following our performance and said, “Your group can’t be be from Portland, OR.” I had said we were not from Portland, and asked him how he knew. His response was, “there is no big band in the city of Portland that plays this tight.” What a great compliment to the men and women who make this exciting and joyful music possible. The phrase, “must play tighter” is something I say in almost every rehearsal for the past six years.

— Cary Pederson (Director/Owner of VanPort Jazz)