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Greg Cagle - baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, alto saxophone, clarinet, flute


Greg Cagle has been playing saxes, clarinets, and flute since 1968. He specializes in baritone saxophone and bass clarinet, and likes to say that he plays "lead bari". In high school at Thurston High in Springfield, OR, he played bass and contrabass clarinet in the concert band, the district honor band and the State of Oregon all-state band. He also played baritone saxophone in the award-winning jazz ensemble. Greg attended the "Stan Kenton Jazz Orchestra in Residence" program in 1973 and 1974 and studied with Roy Reynolds and other members of the Kenton band. He then attended the University of Oregon where he was a member of the marching band, the basketball pep band (during the Kamikaze Kids era) and the symphonic wind ensemble. More about that here.

On graduation he took a 20 year break to focus on family and career. In the late 90s he decided to get back into music, and bought a brand new Yanigasawa B-990 baritone saxophone. He spent a couple of seasons in the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, and joined the PCC Jazz Band.

Greg relocated to Seattle to work for Microsoft in 2004; he joined the Woodinville Community Band, eventually serving as band president. He played baritone sax in the Eastside Modern Jazz Orchestra, and bass and contrabass clarinet (on loan from Jim Glass) in the concert band. During this time he also joined The Route 66 Big Band and the Moonlight Swing Orchestra on bari sax, and helped form the Microsoft Jazz Band. He also spent a few seasons playing bass clarinet and contrabass clarinet in the Washington Wind Symphony and the River Winds concert band. In his spare time (!) he also played in several sax quartets and pit orchestras.

Greg moved back to the Portland area in 2014, and joined VanPort Jazz in late 2015. He still plays the same Yani B-990 bari sax,  (recently overhauled by Miguel Maldonado), RPC 110 high baffle mouthpiece (made by Ron Coelho in Ridgefield, WA), D'Addario/Rico Jazz Select 2H/3S reeds, and Rico H ligature. Full pad replacement with MusicMedic pads and domed metal resonators. The horn is equipped with a MusicMedic extended thumb hook (highly recommended). He uses a Neotech harness usually. He also plays a Kessler Low C bass clarinet with a Roger Garrett mouthpiece and generally uses a Fibercall 3 tenor sax reed. He also uses Hercules instrument stands.

More detail about Greg's musical history is available in a blog post from 2010 here.