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henry hohn - bass


Henry Hohn started piano lessons at the age 5 and he would continue lessons through age 12.  In the manner of a true musician he found an affinity for brass, playing trumpet from grades 5 through 8 and trombone through high school and college.  Henry's piano roots and many hours in the practice room would culminate into a fruitful college career at Clackamas Community College, Western Oregon University, and Clark College where he was educated by Lonny Cline, Harry Gilgam, Tom Wakeling, Tom Bergeron, and Chuck Ramsey.  

 College afforded Henry the opportunities to play with blues and jazz greats:  Carlton Jackson, Curtis Salgado, Steve Christofferson, Nancy King and Kurt Deutscher.  His growing skill and talent would land him the position of pianist for the Salem Big Band with Ray Rom and Tim Duffy.   During the 1992 Western Oregon University Jazz Festival, adjudicator, clinician, and internationally acclaimed bassist Glen Moore would influence Henry into a never ending passion for the double bass.  His style is currently influenced by Brian Bromberg, Ray Brown, Geoff Chalmers, Paul Chambers, John Clayton, Chris Fitzgerald, John Goldsby, Christian McBride, Charles Mingus, Gary Peacock, Marco Panascia, John Patitucci, and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen and many other great bassists. 

Henry plays a Czechoslovakian made 3/4 double bass with Thomastik-Infeld Vienna Spirocore strings.  He amplifies through a David Gage Realist pickup and a Gallien-Krueger MB112-II amplifier.

 Henry has played bass semi-professionally with the contemporary Christian rock band, Seven; St. Joseph Catholic Church Choir; Soul Expression; and singer Laini Risto.  Since 2012, Henry has played piano and continues to play double and electric bass for VanPort Jazz.