VanPort Jazz

Big Band Jazz

Janet shattuck - alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute


My name is Janet Shattuck and I play saxophone.  I prefer playing alto but I also play tenor and soprano sax.  I started playing piano in third grade and in fifth grade played string bass in the school orchestra.  In sixth grade I moved to alto sax and have stayed there ever since.  At Crescent Valley High School in Corvallis, Oregon I played alto in the concert, marching, pep and jazz bands, playing in the Corvallis Community Band and honor bands my senior year.

At Oregon State University I played alto saxophone in the concert, marching, pep and jazz bands, played in saxophone quartets and continued playing in the Corvallis Community Band.  I have a BS degree in Music.  I also have a BS in Business with a minor in Computer Science, which is my chosen career.

After moving to Portland, Oregon I played in the Beaverton Community Band and the One More Time Around Again Marching Band, and also in saxophone quartets, German bands and the OSU Alumni Band.  I played with Border Patrol and the Prangsters jazz bands.  I played tenor in a cover band – Todd, the Bod and the Gods – and played alto in Billy’s Brass Band for many years. 

I then took a break from music for 16 years to raise a daughter.  She plays trumpet at Prairie High School and she knew people in the Clark Jazz Band so we went to their concert in June of 2015.  The Beacock Swing Band (now VanPort Jazz) was performing and I recognized a few of the members.  I talked to them after the concert and they said they needed and alto sax player.  With blessings from my daughter, I said yes and here I am.